Viral Video: Masquerade Stops Lady On The Streets in Nnewi To Toast Her And Ask For Her WhatsApp Number 

It really is funny and even amazing, the sort of things we see happening around our environments in recent time. Nouvelle stories, and events keep getting captured daily, from a COVID-19 recovering patient refusing to go home with her dad, to a man wailing and rolling in the floor because his girlfriend rejected his public proposal, and now to this- a masquerade spotted on the streets of Nnewi, Anambra State, wooing a passerby.

 This makes one wonder what was going through his mind when he saw her approaching him, as she walked on the streets. 

He must have thought “well, there’s no harm in shooting my shot, really, because,  I mean, why not, right?” 

Well, it so happened he didn’t wait for an answer to that rhetorical question, as he went ahead to ask the lady out.

He specifically asked the lady for her WhatsApp number with, and proceeded to dial his own number, from her phone, just to double check that she did not play a fast one on him, by giving him a wrong number.

Wow, he did good. At least, he gets an E for Effort.

Watch the video below;

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